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Can you identify which characters were introduced in these episode?

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Stargate (movie)
SG-1: Children of the Gods
SG-1: The Brocca Divide
SG-1: Bloodlines
SG-1: Singularity
SG-1: Enigma
SG-1: Politics
SG-1: Thor's Chariot
SG-1: Secrets
SG-1: The Tok'ra
SG-1: Touchstone
SG-1: A Matter of Time
SG-1: Serpent's Song
SG-1: Fair Game
SG-1: Maternal Instinct
SG-1: Upgrades
SG-1: Crossroads
SG-1: Point of No Return
SG-1: Tangent
SG-1: The Curse
SG-1: The Serpent's Venom
SG-1: Prodigy
SG-1: Ascension
SG-1: The Tomb
SG-1: 48 Hours
SG-1: Summit
SG-1: Meridian
SG-1: Revelations
SG-1: Unnatural Selection
SG-1: Enemy Mine
SG-1: Chimera
SG-1: Heroes part 2
SG-1: Inaugeration
SG-1: Lost City
SG-1: New Order
Atlantis: Rising
Atlantis: Underground
Atlantis: The Storm
SG-1: Prometheus Unbound
Atlantis: The Siege part 3
SG-1: Avalon part 1-2
SG-1: Origin
Atlantis: Runner
SG-1: Ripple Effect
SG-1: Off the Grid
Atlantis: Michael
SG-1: Crusade
SG-1: Flesh and Blood
Atlantis: Common Ground
Atlantis: First Strike

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