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When did BTS debuted? (Month Year)
How many members are currently in the group?
What entertainment company is BTS currently under?
Beside 'Bangtan Boys', BTS is also known as?
Who is the leader of BTS?
Who is the oldest in the group?
Who is the maknae in the group?
Which BTS's album contain the songs 'No More Dream' and 'We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2'?
What song has the line: 'I need your love before I fall, fall'?
True or False?: Prior to their debut, J-Hope was part of a street dance team and was active in the underground dancing scene.
What song has the line: 'Cause we got fire (fire!). Higher (Higher!). I gotta make it, gotta make it.'?
What year did the song Baepsae (Silver Spoon) released?
Rap Monster is his stage name, so what is Rap Monster's real name?
What is the name of BTS's fandom?
What year did the song 'Boy In Luv' released?
V is his stage name, so what is V's real name?
Beside speaking their native language Korean, which member is fluent in English?
True or False?: Jin and Jungkook are both the main dancers in the group.
Prior to their debut, Rap Monster was an underground rapper. Which other member was also an underground rapper?
True or False?: Twitter launched its first ever Kpop Twitter emoji featuring BTS.
J-Hope is his stage name, so what is J-Hope's real name?
Suga is his stage name, so what is Suga's real name?
At the 2014 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) Awards, BTS did a collaboration stage with which Kpop boy group?
What year did BTS had their first world tour?
Jimin and V are about the same age, what year were they born?

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