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When did BigBang debuted? (Month Year)
How many members are in BigBang?
BigBang is currently under which entertainment company?
Which two members were the first ones to receive training under their current company?
Which member is the oldest?
Who is the leader of BigBang?
Which member is the maknae?
What is the name of BigBang's fandom?
The group won their third Artist of the Year Award at what music award show?
Which member released the song 'I Need A Girl'?
Which member released the song 'Heartbreaker'?
Which member released the song 'Doom Dada'?
What year was the song 'Tonight' released?
Which member released the song 'Let's Talk About Love'?
Which member released the song 'Look At Me Gwi Soon'?
Which two members formed BigBang's very first sub-unit?
What year was the song 'Day by Day (Haru Haru)' released?
Which BigBang's song contains the line: 'I'm so sorry, but I love you.'
Which member has the nickname of 'Smiling Angel'?
BigBang did a collaboration with 2NE1 to what song?
True or False?: Taeyang is a devoted Christian with multiple faith-inspired tattoos on his body.
True or False?: GD & TOP released a song together 'Oh Yeah' (featuring Minzy from 2NE1) in 2011.
True or False?: GD appeared in one of Jinusean's music video 'A-yo' when he was 12.
Which BigBang's album contain the songs 'Fantastic Baby' & 'Bad Boy'?
The group held their first world tour in what year?
What year was the song 'La La La' released?
Which member star in the drama 'Iris'?
True or False?: TOP released a song 'Big Boy' in 2006.
True or False?: Seungri released a song 'VVIP' in 2011.
What song did TOP, GD & Taeyang do for one of the track of Iris OST?
Which song gave Taeyang his first solo number one single on the Billboard Kpop Hot 100 Chart?
At the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards, which category did BigBang won?
2016 is BigBang's 10th year anniversary, so what year did BigBang celebrated their 5th year anniversary?
Which member is the first one to enter the military?
Which member is currently dating Min Hyorin?

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