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When did 2NE1 debuted? (Year)
This group is currently under what entertainment company?
What year did the group unexpectedly decided to disband?
Who is the oldest in the group?
Who is the leader of the group?
Which member left the group in April 2016?
What is the name of 2NE1's fandom?
What song did the group first appeared in and collaborated with BigBang?
True or False?: CL has lived in France, and Japan for most of her childhood.
Dara's younger brother was a former member of which boyband?
Which 2NE1's album contain the songs 'Come Back Home' & 'Gotta Be You'?
Which member released the song 'Kiss'?
True or False?: Dara spend most of her childhood living in Thailand.
This group has won their second 'Song of the Year' award at what music award show?
Which member is known for her iconic hair style?
What song was 2NE1 debut single?
Which member released the song 'You and I'?
What year was the song 'I Don't Care' released?
Which member released the song 'MTBD (Mental Breakdown)'?
True or False?: Park Bom left Korea at a young age to study in the United States.
What 2NE1's song has the line: I think I'm ugly and nobody wants to love me. Just like her I wanna be pretty.'?
Beside 'The Bachelor w/ Juan Pablo,' what other American show did 2NE1 appeared on?
The name of the very last song 2NE1 release as a farewell after they disband?

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