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A group of rejected high schoolers start The South Harmon Institute of Technology.
A man suffering with short-term memory loss tries to find his wife's killer.
A teen under house arrest suspects his neighbor of being a serial killer.
A loser pretends to be mentally handicapped to win the Special Olympics.
Four friends vow to lose their virginity by prom night.
A black football coach and his interracial team help bring together a small Virginian town torn by prejudice.
A frustated white collar worker starts an organization for relieving male aggresion.
A group of animals get stranded on an island because of the zebra's wish to leave New York.
A thief gets justice while staying at a creepy motel.
After a fatal crash, a race car driver is given the courage to drive again by a beautiful doctor.
A group of misfits baseball players try to help the Cleveland Indians win the pennant.
A naive soldier quickly discovers the horrors of war during the Vietnam War.
Four middle-aged guys handle their mid-life crises by traveling the country on motorcycles.
A group of WWII soldiers try to rescue one of their own whose three brothers were killed.
A high school geek tries to help his friend win class president.
A doctor is accused of murdering his wife and runs from the a sheriff.
A spunky teen forced with an unplanned pregnancy searches for the perfect parents for her baby.
Four different stories from the underbelly of Los Angeles crime.
A group of retired superheroes reunite after one of their own is murdered.
Three female employees plot revenge on their sexist male boss.

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