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Forced Order
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Role DescriptionsActorMovies
I was frustated with the world's filth, I hunted animals, and I called Ben Stiller a pothead.
I was a princess, an angel, and there was something about me.
I fought criminals, dragons, machines, and John Dillinger.
I killed Gary Oldman, was married to Johnny Depp (dead), and played a queen.
I battled aliens(3 times), robots, and zombies. And I also helped Kevin James get a girl.
I turned out to be the killer (twice), played Lex Luthor, and was really good at blackjack.
I killed a guy with a trident, tried to steal the moon, and was Agent 86
I was a mobster's wife, a superhero, and I really hate David Carradine.
I was a gambler, a golfer, and an assassin.
I drove a bus, helped a homeless kid, and was forced to marry Ryan Reynolds.
Role DescriptionsActorMovies
I fought Mr. Freeze, robbed casinos, and was a fox.
I fought in Vietnam and World War II. I was a band manager, a lawyer, and an FBI agent.
I fought Hector, Edward Norton, Hitler, and my wife.
I was a ballet dancer. I was married to Tobey Maguire and married to a jedi knight.
I played a lion and a man whose daughter was kidnapped. I was Hannibal and Zeus.
I fell in love with Kate Winslet twice. I was a mental hospital patient and could enter people's dreams.
I was a bowler and a drunk country singer. I also fought Robert Downey Jr.
I played a child pyschologist, a boxer, and a raccoon.
I was in prison, played God (twice), and loved penguins. I also opened the box to a very disturbing surprise.
I played hockey, golf, and football. I was in 1st grade as an adult and dated an amnesic.

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