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Name the COUNTRY that Won Gold in Each Event at London 2012

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Archery - Men's/Women's Individual
Archery - Men's Team
Archery - Women's Team
Athletics - Men's/Women's 100m
Athletics - Men's 200m
Athletics - Women's 200m
Athletics - Men's 400m
Atheltics - Women's 400m
Athletics - Men's 800m
Athletics - Women's 800m
Athletics - Men's 1500m
Athletics - Women's 1500m
Athletics - Men's 5000m
Athletics - Women's 5000m
Athletics - Men's 10000m
Athletics - Women's 10000m
Athletics - Men's 110m Hurdles
Athletics - Women's 100m Hurdles
Athletics - Men's 400m Hurdles
Athletics - Women's 400m Hurdles
Athletics - Men's 3000m Steeplechase
Athletics - Women's 3000m Steeplechase
Athletics - Men's 4x100m Relay
Athletics - Women's 4x100m Relay
Athletics - Men's 4x400m Relay
Athletics - Women's 4x400m Relay
Atheltics - Men's Marathon
Athletics - Women's Marathon
Athletics - Men's 20km Race Walk
Athletics - Women's 20km Race Walk
Athletics - Men's 50km Race Walk
Atheltics - Men's/Women's High Jump
Athletics - Men's Pole Vault
Athletics - Women's Pole Vault
Athletics - Men's Long Jump
Athletics - Women's Long Jump
Athletics - Men's Triple Jump
Athletics - Women's Triple Jump
Athletics - Men's Shot Put
Athletics - Women's Shot Put
Athletics - Men's Discus Throw
Athletics - Women's Discus Throw
Athletics - Men's Hammer Throw
Athletics - Women's Hammer Throw
Athletics - Men's Javelin Throw
Athletics - Women's Javelin Throw
Athletics - Men's Decathlon
Athletics - Women's Decathlon
Badminton - Men's/Women's Singles
Badminton - Men's/Women's Doubles
Badminton - Mixed Doubles
Basketball - Men's/Women's
Beach Volleyball - Men's
Beach Volleyball - Women's
Boxing - Men's Light Flyweight
Boxing - Men's Flyweight
Boxing - Women's Flyweight
Boxing - Men's Bantamweight
Boxing - Men's Lightweight
Boxing - Women's Lightweight
Boxing - Men's Light Welterweight
Boxing - Men's Welterweight
Boxing - Men's Middleweight
Boxing - Women's Middleweight
Boxing - Men's Light Heavyweight
Boxing - Men's Heavyweight
Boxing - Men's Super Heavyweight
Canoe Slalom - Men's C-1
Canoe Slalom - Men's C-2
Canoe Slalom - Men's K-1
Canoe Slalom - Women's K-1
Canoe Sprint - Men's C-1 200m
Canoe Sprint - Men's C-1 1000m
Canoe Sprint - Men's C-2 1000m
Canoe Sprint - Men's K-1 200m
Canoe Sprint - Women's K-1 200m
Canoe Sprint - Women's K-1 500m
Canoe Sprint - Men's K-1 1000m
Canoe Sprint - Men's K-2 200m
Canoe Sprint - Women's K-2 500m
Canoe Sprint - Men's K-2 1000m
Canoe Sprint - Women's K-4 500m
Canoe Sprint - Men's K-4 1000m
Cycling BMX - Men's
Cycling BMX - Women's
Cycling Mountain Bike - Men's
Cycling Mountain Bike - Women's
Cycling Road - Men's Road Race
Cycling Road - Women's Road Race
Cycling Road - Men's Time Trial
Cycling Road - Women's Time Trial
Cycling Track - Men's/Women's Keirin
Cycling Track - Men's Omnium
Cycling Track - Women's Omnium
Cycling Track - Men's/Women's Team Pursuit
Cycling Track - Men's Sprint
Cycling Track - Women's Sprint
Cycling Track - Men's Team Sprint
Cycling Track - Women's Team Sprint
Diving - Men's 3m Springboard
Diving - Women's 3m Springboard
Diving - Men's 10m Platform
Diving - Women's 10m Platform
Diving - Men's/Women's Synchronised 3m Springboard
Diving - Men's/Women's Synchronised 10m Platform
Equestrian Dressage - Individual Dressage
Equestrian Dressage - Team Dressage
Equestrian Eventing - Individual Eventing
Equestrian Eventing - Team Eventing
Equestrian Jumping - Individual Jumping
Equestrian Jumping - Team Jumping
Fencing - Men's Individual Epee
Fencing - Women's Individual Epee
Fencing - Women's Team Epee
Fencing - Men's Individual Foil
Fencing - Women's Individual Foil
Fencing - Men's/Women's Team Foil
Fencing - Men's Individual Sabre
Fencing - Women's Individual Sabre
Fencing - Men's Team Sabre
Football - Men's
Football - Women's
Gymanstics Artistic - Men's Team All-Around
Gymnastics Artistic - Women's Team All-Around
Gymnastics Artistic - Men's Individual All-Around
Gymnastics Artistic - Women's Individual All-Around
Gymnastics Artistic - Men's Floor
Gymanstics Artistic - Women's Floor
Gymnastics Artistic - Men's Vault
Gymnastics Artistic - Women's Vault
Gymnasitcs Artistic - Men's Horizontal Bar
Gymnastics Artistic - Men's Parallel Bars
Gymnastics Artistic - Men's Pommel Horse
Gymnastics Artistic - Men's Rings
Gymnastics Artistic - Women's Balance Beam
Gymnastics Artistic - Women's Uneven Bars
Gymanstics Rhythmic - Individual All-Around
Gymanstics Rhythmic - Group All-Around
Gymanstics Trampoline - Men's Individual
Gymnastics Trampoline - Women's Individual
Handball - Men's
Handball - Women's
Hockey - Men's
Hockey - Women's
Judo - Men's Extra Lightweight
Judo - Women's Extra Lightweight
Judo - Men's Half-Lightweight
Judo - Women's Half-Lightweight
Judo - Men's Lightweight
Judo - Women's Lightweight
Judo - Men's Half-Middleweight
Judo - Women's Half-Middleweight
Judo - Men's Middleweight
Judo - Women's Middleweight
Judo - Men's Half-Heavyweight
Judo - Women's Half-Heavyweight
Judo - Men's Heavyweight
Judo - Women's Heavyweight
Modern Pentathlon - Men's
Modern Penthatlon - Women's
Rowing - Men's Single Sculls
Rowing - Women's Single Sculls
Rowing - Men's Pair
Rowing - Women's Pair
Rowing - Men's Double Sculls
Rowing - Women's Double Sculls
Rowing - Men's Four
Rowing - Men's Quadruple Sculls
Rowing - Women's Quadruple Sculls
Rowing - Men's Eight
Rowing - Women's Eight
Rowing - Men's Lightweight Double Sculls
Rowing - Women's Lightweight Double Sculls
Rowing - Men's Lightweight Four
Sailing - Men's RS:X
Sailing - Women's RS:X
Sailing - Men's Laser
Sailing - Women's Laser Radial
Sailing - Men's Finn
Sailing - Men's 470
Sailing - Women's 470
Sailing - Men's 49er
Sailing - Men's Star
Sailing - Women's Elliott 6m
Shooting - Men's 50m Rifle 3 Positions
Shooting - Women's 50m Riflle 3 Positions
Shooting - Men's 50m Rifle Prone
Shooting - Men's 10m Air Rifle
Shooting - Women's 10m Air Rifle
Shooting - Men's 50m Pistol
Shooting - Women's 25m Pistol
Shooting - Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol
Shooting - Men's 10m Air Pistol
Shooting - Women's 10m Air Pistol
Shooting - Men's Trap
Shooting - Women's Trap
Shooting - Men's Double Trap
Shooting - Men's/Women's Skeet
Swimming - Men's 50m Freestyle
Swimming - Women's 50m Freestyle
Swimming - Men's 100m Freestyle
Swimming - Women's 100m Freestyle
Swimming - Men's 200m Freestyle
Swimming - Women's 200m Freestyle
Swimming - Men's 400m Freestyle
Swimming - Women's 400m Freestyle
Swimming - Women's 800m Freestyle
Swimming - Men's 1500m Freestyle
Swimming - Men's/Women's 100m Backstroke
Swimming - Men's/Women's 200m Backstroke
Swimming - Men's 100m Breastroke
Swimming - Women's 100m Breastroke
Swimming - Men's 200m Breastroke
Swimming - Women's 200m Breastroke
Swimming - Men's/Women's 100m Butterfly
Swimming - Men's 200m Butterfly
Swimming - Women's 200m Butterfly
Swimming - Men's 200m Individual Medley
Swimming - Women's 200m Individual Medley
Swimming - Men's 400m Individual Medley
Swimming - Women's 400m Individual Medley
Swimming - Men's 4x100m Freestyle Relay
Swimming - Women's 4x100m Freestyle Relay
Swimming - Men's/Women's 4x200m Freestyle Relay
Swimming - Men's/Women's 4x100m Medley Relay
Men's 10km Marathon Swim
Women's 10km Marathon Swim
Synchronised Swimming - Duets
Synchronised Swimming - Team
Table Tennis - Men's/Women's Singles
Table Tennis - Men's/Women's Team
Taekwondo - Men's -58kg
Taekwondo - Men's -68kg
Taekwondo - Men's -80kg
Taekwondo - Men's +80kg
Taekwondo - Women's -49kg
Taekwondo - Women's -57kg
Taekwondo - Women's -67kg
Taekwondo - Women's +67kg
Tennis - Men's Singles
Tennis - Women's Singles
Tennis - Men's/Women's Doubles
Tennis - Mixed Doubles
Triathlon - Men's
Triathlon - Women's
Volleyball - Men's
Volleyball - Women's
Water Polo - Men's
Water Polo - Women's
Weightlifting - Men's 56kg
Weightlifting - Men's 62kg
Weightlifting - Men's 69kg
Weightlifting - Men's 77kg
Weightlifting - Men's 85kg
Weightlifting - Men's 94kg
Weightlifting - Men's 105kg
Weightlifting - Men's +105kg
Weightlifting - Women's 48kg
Weightlifting - Women's 53kg
Weightlifting - Women's 58kg
Weightlifting - Women's 63kg
Weightlifting - Women's 69kg
Weightlifting - Women's 75kg
Weightlifting - Women's +75kg
Wrestling - Men's Greco-Roman 55kg
Wrestling - Men's Greco-Roman 60kg
Wrestling - Men's Greco-Roman 66kg
Wrestling - Men's Greco-Roman 74kg
Wrestling - Men's Greco-Roman 84kg
Wrestling - Men's Greco-Roman 96kg
Wrestling - Men's Greco-Roman 120kg
Wrestling - Men's Freestyle 55kg
Wrestling - Men's Freestyle 60kg
Wrestling - Men's Freestyle 66kg
Wrestling - Men's Freestyle 74kg
Wrestling - Men's Freestyle 84kg
Wrestling - Men's Freestyle 96kg
Wrestling - Men's Freestyle 120kg
Wrestling - Women's Freestyle 48kg
Wrestling - Women's Freestyle 55kg
Wrestling - Women's Freestyle 63kg
Wrestling - Women's Freestyle 72kg

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