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Most Subscribed and from Hawaii
#1 All Time Subscribed 
High Pitched Voice
#2 All Time Subscribed 
American Comedy Duo
#3 All Time Subscribed 
Musical Videos
#4 All Time Subscribed 
Emo Hair and Random Vids
#5 All Time Subscribed 
I wouldn't say he's Sexy
#6 All Time Subscribed 
Game Reviews and Vids
#7 All Time Subscribed 
Asain filming with his Dad
#8 All Time Subscribed 
Song Parodies with Hannah Montana
#9 All Time Subscribed 
Most Subscribed Female
#10 All Time Subscribed 
Gay Man with Celeb Gossip
#11 All Time Subscribed 
Blonde Station Member
#11 Subscribed Director 
Big Belly and Bearded
#16 Subscribed Comedian 
A Stand Up Comedian on the Internet
#18 Subscribed Comedian 
Charity Fund by Kev
#12 Subscribed Director 
Asain Woman wishing you Sunshine
#25 All Time Subscribed 
Canadian Comedian with big sweat marks
#20 Subscribed Comedian 
Old British Atheist
#1 Subscribed Comedian UK 
Chopping you for 20 years
#26 Subscribed Comedian 
British Comedian with Cat Whiskers
#13 All Time Subscribed UK 
Leave Britney Alone!
#48 All Time Subscribed 
American Atheist who likes movies
#50 Subscribed Directors 
Nut Job making collaboration videos
#83 Subscribed Comedian 
Blonde female providing interesting Ed Vids
#5 Subscribed Gurus 
Girly Blonde Parody Creator
#15 Subscribed Comedian 
Whacky Videos and Giraffe's Tails
#20 All Time Subscribed 
Siblings United
#68 Subscribed Comedian 
Maybe a Nerd, but he's got the Subs
#29 Subscribed Comedian 
British Singing Talent Show
#60 Subscribed Director 
Broadcasting Themselves
92,000 Subscribers 

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