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Can you name the words described that all involve, somehow, the use of 'tea?'

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This tea exemplifies dedication to ones friends, family, or service.
This tea makes you incapable of telling lies.
This tea is broken, or at least imperfect.
This tea can melt through the cup it's in. Be careful.
This tea pares well with Arts.
This tea improves your ability to work with your hands.
This tea is always pushing down on us, keeping us on Earth.
This tea enrages you and makes you aggravated towards everyone around you.
Drinking this tea will render you immune to death.
This tea will make you light of mind or character.
This tea is made with the trash you pull out of a slot in your dryer.
This tea is drank by brotherhoods across the globe.
You can only drink this tea when you come of age.
This is a holiday flavored tea, often accompanied with Pepper or Spears.
This tea is so dark, light can't even pass through it.
This tea is equal in amount in every cup you pour.
This tea is hard to find and very expensive.
Drinking this tea will pull you out of any fantasy and often involves a check.
This tea is made with bread that's been heated until crispy. Who knew!
Drinking this tea will kill you. Literally. Don't do it.
This tea brings people together as one.
Drinking this tea will undo the tea you drank in Answer 9 and open your weak spots!
You can return this tea within thirTY days of purchase as long as it's in its original container.
This tea can be made with the peels of lemons, oranges, limes, or any citrus fruit. It may also be used to describe Italian salad dressing.

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