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Can you name the Pretty Little Liars Texts Season 2?

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Look familiar? What's missing? -A
I spy a liar. -A
Look at you, all alone in a crowd. I win! Xoxo -A
You can't play cat and mouse if the moves to Texas. I need you here, Em. Congrats. -A
So happy to have you on our A-team!
Just my luck, diamonds are a girls best friend. -A
Nosey bitches die. -A
Would mommy hug a thief? Tell the truth Spence, or you'll get the ring when you least expect it. -A
Hey Em. It is just me? Or does that suicide note look familiar? -A
Sometimes the shortest distance from plot A to plot B is the long way around. -A
My Dresses. My Game. My Rules. -A
What fun two little liars under one roof. You're making it so easy. -A
Hey Em. Some cream with your coffee? -A
Remember. I own you. -A
If Zoey leaves without your digits, your lab results go viral. -A
TIck-Tock, Em. -A
The weakest link is easiest to break! Snapping yet? -A
See how easy it is to get my hands around your neck. -A
Clue Ella in and I'll let you out. -A
The doctor is out. -A
She's still alive. -A
Open or she dies. -A
You have until 7PM to save her. These are my demands. -A
Keep Toby safe.
Stop the wedding.
Make Jackie go away.
Prepare to make right turn. Turn right immediately. Right turn please.
I'm taking you to her. Come alone.
She's running out of air. -A
457 Grover Road. - A
She's still alive bitches. Start digging. -A
You'll need this. 40 24' N/ 75 17'8 W. -A
I'm watching you. -A
It's my turn to torture you. -A
Dying to know who I am? You'll find out. -A
You were always my favorite. Want to make a deal? -A
See you tonight, BFF. -A
No fun chugging lake water, is it? Choke on this Bitch. -A
Life is but a dream, Hanna. And I'm your nightmare. -A
This is what live bait looks like. Now we're even bitches! -A
You think you're safe on the outside, but you're not when I'm on the inside. -A
Scared yet? You should be bitch! -A
Next time it'll be your face, not this pumpkin. -A
I warned you! -A
Almost got him! Toby won't be so lucky next time! -A
Call off your techno-boy or I'll tell the cops what your mom keeps in her lasagna box. -A
Truth hurts, sweetie. May hurt your new pal more than you. -A
Don't be scared, Spence. We're all family here, some of us more than others. -A
Now it's Caleb's turn. -A
Hanna's mommy saved her ass, who's gonna save yours? -A
Yesterday's trash, Tomorrow's new. -A
You have until ten a.m. tomorrow. -A
You didn't bite the first time but you will. -A
Do mom and dad know you're watching murder movies? Bet it would kill them to find out. -A
Where's there smoke, there's payback. -A
Break up Hanna and her hottie or you go back to a junior high nottie. Don't test me. -A
Hey Han, you into sharing everything with your BFF? Even your BF? -A
You still have something that belongs to me. Bring it, or one of you leave in a body bag. -A
Be there when the clock strikes midnight. -A

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