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Master Of Anakin Skywalker (1,2,Clone Wars,3,Rebels,4,5,6,)
Master Of Obi wan kenobi(1,Clone Wars, )
Viceroy of trade federation (1,2,Clone Wars,3)
Darth Vader's Master(1,2,Clone Wars,3,5,6)
Anakin Skywalker's Wife (1,2,Clone Wars,3)
Head of the Royal Naboo Security Forces(1)
Clumsy Gungan (1,2,Clone Wars,3)
Padme's Handmaiden(1)
C3po's Astromech Friend (1,2,Clone Wars,3,Rebels,Rouge One,4,5,6,7
Horned Sith (1,Clone Wars,Rebels)
The Chosen One(1,2,Clone Wars,3,Rebels,Rouge One,4,5,6,
Anakins Mother(1,2,Clone Wars)
R2 D2's Protocol Droid Friend (1,2,Clone Wars,3,Rebels,Rouge One,4,5,6,7
Hutt Gangster(1,Clone Wars,4,6)
Bounty Hunter that betrays Boba Fett(1,Clone Wars)
Highest Ranking Jedi (1,2,Clone Wars,3,Rebels,5,6)
Purple Lightsaber(1,2,Clone Wars,3)
Betrayed By Commander Bacara(1,2,Clone Wars,3)
Killed By Savage Opress During the Clone Wars (1,2,Clone Wars)
Kanan Jarrus's Master(1,2)
Betrayed the Jedi During the Clone Wars(2,Clone Wars)
Decapitated During the First Battle of Geonosis (2)
Obi wan Kenobi's Astromech Droid(2,Clone Wars,3)
Jango Fett's Unaltered Son(2 Clone Wars,4,5,6)
Lukes Uncle(2,3,4)
Lukes Aunt(2,3,4)
Yoda's Fallen Apprentice(2 Clone Wars,3)
Clone Commander of the 212th Attack Battalion a.k.a CC-2224(Clone Wars,3)
Ct-7567 Captain Of the 501st Legion(Clone Wars,Rebels)
Sith Turned Bounty Hunter(Clone Wars)
Leader of the Separatist Army(Clone Wars,3)
Anakins Apprentice(Clone Wars,Rebels)
Clone Commander Who killed Fives(Clone Wars)
ARC trooper that sacrificed himself at the citadel(Clone Wars)
ARC trooper that almost saved the republic (Clone Wars)
Commander Of the WolfPack(Clone Wars,Rebels)
Clone Trooper Killed on Umbara by friendly fire (Clone Wars)
Clone trooper who blew up a command ship along with him(Clone Wars)
Legendary Bounty Hunter During the Clone Wars(Clone Wars)
Trandoshan Bounty Hunter(Clone Wars,5,6)
Didnt Shoot First(Clone Wars,4)
Dies Aboard the Death Star(Clone Wars,3,Rebels,4)
Legendary Wookiee(Clone Wars,3,4,5,6,7
Duchess Satines Sister(Clone Wars)
Clone Commander Alongside Wolffe and Rex that assists the Ghost Crew(Clone Wars,Rebels)
Anakins Son(3,4,5,6,7
Lukes Twin Sister(3,Rebels,4,5,6,7)
Jedi Master from Ghost Crew(Rebels)
Pilot Of Ghost crew(Rebels)
Astromech of the ghost crew (Rebels,Rouge One)
Ghost Crew Artist(Rebels)
Former Lasat Honor Guard(Rebels)
Lothal Pick Pocketer(Rebels)
Imperial turned Rebel(Rebels)
In charge of Cloud City(Rebels,5,6)
Astromech with a bad motivator (2,4)
Legendary Smuggler(4,5,6,7)
Survived Both Death Star attacks(Rebels,4,5,6)
In Charge of the assault on Echo Base(5)
Jabba's Slave(6)
Ewok who helped Leia(6)
Home Planet of Padme
Home Planet of Anakin
Home of the Jedi Temple
Home of the Cloning Facilitys
Home of the start of the clone wars
Planet where Obi wan and Anakin Dueled
Home of the Zilo Beast
Planet where Plo Koon is Killed
Planet where stass allie is Killed
Home Planet of Duchess Satine
Planet Destroyed by the Death Star
Planet where Yoda is in hiding
Home of the Wookiees
Home of Ezra Bridger
Home of Echo Base
Home of Cloud City
Home of the Ewoks
Main Force of the Sepratists
Droids With Shields
Advanced Battle Droid
Grievous's Bodyguard

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