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Sperm ______: includes washing away of inhibitory factors and weakening of the sperm head.
_______ tubules: site of spermatogenesis. Primordial germ cells located near basement membrane.
Defects in _______ typically impair either sperm motility or the ability of the sperm to penetrate the ovum.
______: A type of glycosaminoglycan. It cuts a path to the ovum where its head fuses with the oocyte membrane and releases its genetic material to cause fertilization.
_____: Fetal roles incude differentiation of external genital structures and testicular descent.
_______: Forms a sticky coagulant, which retains sperm within the female tract
Name a site of sperm storage.
_____: A glycoprotein that is stimulated in response to increased FSH stimulation of Sertoli cells. It exerts negative feedback by regulating FSH release from anterior pituitrary.
_______ pattern of GnRH: essential for normal sperm and testosterone production.
In the absence of testicular actions, female reproductive structures develop by default from the ________ ducts.
Sperm viability is highly affected by _____
______ Reaction: Ovum is initially surrounded by several layers of granulosa cells (corona radiata). Sperm must penetrate these layers to access and fuse with ovum.
_____: An important protein induced in Sertoli cells by FSH. It binds and concentrates Testosterone within Seminiferous tubules.
In humans, testes are first distinguishable within ____ weeks of gestation and become fully functional by week 7-16.
______ Insensitivity Syndrome: Individuals are Genetic Males XY, but individuals possess a 'Normal' Female Phenotype.
PSA and Profibrinolysin dissolve the _________ to release the sperm to facilitate motility and migration within the female tract.
______: Involved in suppressing sperm metabolism and activity prior to ejaculation. Allows sperm to survive for a long time in males.
______: Function is to optimally maintain testes temperature to 2 degrees less than body temperature.
Normalizing plasma testosterone in primary hypogonadism fails to restore fertility because systemic plasma levels remain too low to restore adequate sperm _______ and maturation wi
______: Mediated by efferent sympathetic stimulation. Ejection of sperm and semen to exterior or into the female reproductive tract.
Elevated temperatures suppress _______ through destruction of spermatogonia
Female sexual differentiation is normally completed between Week ______ of gestation (a little later than males)
DHT action must be initiated within Week _____ of gestation.
Normal range of sperm count is ______ million/ml
_______: Enhance sperm motility and may stimulate uterine reverse peristalsis facilitating sperm migration through the fallopian tubes to the ovum.
Sperm survival in the female reproductive tract is typically _____ days.
_____: Condition in which one or both testes fail to descend into scrotum during development

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