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Used for CMV prophylaxis or CMV retinitis treatment
Most viruses are diagnosed by this method.
Only dsRNA virus
Drug that competes with deoxyGTP for the viral DNA polymerase and causes chain termination following incorporation into viral DNA.
What phase involves viral uncoating, DNA/RNA replication, and protein synthesis of the virus in the cell.
Capsids are built from this.
Initial or local symptoms (1-8 days) when systemic viruses first multiply locally.
ssRNA that is used directly as mRNA
Viral infection diagnosed by immunofluorescence.
Phosphorylation independent drug used to treat CMV retinitis. It inhibits viral DNA/RNA polymerase and HIV reverse transcriptase.
Viral infection diagnosed by electrom microscopy
Name a virus that can infect multiple organ systems.
Used by viruses to bind to cell surface receptors.
When viruses spread in the body.
A way for HIV, HBV, or polio to spread to secondary sites of infection.
Name an adverse reaction of Acyclovir
An acyclic guanosine derivative that is active against HSV-1, HSV-2, and VZV.
Entire structure of a virus.
What phase involves viral assembly and intracellular virus is increasing.
HBV, HPV, and HSV are diagnosed by this method.
Protein coats that surround viral nucleic acids.
Transmitted by direct contact usually from biting.
Virus infection fails to be cleared by the immune system.
L-valyl prodrug of acyclovir that is more effective in treating VZV than acyclovir
Transmission by animal contact.
Diploid virus
An acyclic guanosine analog that is mediated by CMV-specific protein kinase phosphotransferase UL97. Competitively inhibits viral DNA polymerase and cause termination of DNA elonga
Most viruses cause what type of infection?
Only ssDNA virus.
Drug used to treat CMV retinitis that requires Host Kinase. It must be administered with Probenecid to reduce nephrotoxicity.
Drug that inhibits viral-cell fusion.
Type of infection that cause recurrent disease, no viral replication, invisible to immune system, and the host is infected for life.
Genome plus capsid
Viruses that infect the gut
Converted to penicyclovir after oral administration.
When viruses clog up the cytosol or nucleus.
Viruses transferred by mosquito bites. Arthrood-borne viruses.
Adverse reaction of Ganciclovir.
Drug that requires phosphorylations by host cell enzymes. May still have an effect even if the virus evolved the HSV Thymidine Kinase. Not for systemic use.
Virus that causes gastroenteritis and lasts for 24-48 hours.

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