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Component of cell wall that is only found in Fungi.
Roundworms that have long cylindrical body and NO attachment organs. It feeds on host tissues or intestinal contents.
Study of Fungi
Tapeworms that have flat ribbonlike segmented bodies. It has no digestive system.
Active feeding stage in the life cycle of a protozoa.
Protozoa that divides by binary fission and moves with pseudopods.
Unicellular fungi that reproduces asexually by budding or fusion. Forms colonies on agar.
Fungi in a sac named sporangium.
Dormant stage in life cycle of protozoa.
Reproductive element of cestodes.
Name for the head of a cestode.
Can exist as yeast or mold depending on growth conditions.
Fungi formed by budding or hyphal separation. It undergoes asexual reproduction. Deutromyces is a common human pathogen.
Single cellular parasite. 2-100 micrometer in size. Disease may be caused directly or damage caused by host's response
Fungal Infection
Protozoa that has whiplike flagella
Metazoa that has leaf-shaped bodies. Also known as flukes. It has a complex life cycle requiring >2 intermediate hosts.
Multicellular fungi that has long filaments. Can be septate or aseptate. Can reproduce asexually or sexually. Can be hairy, wooly, or pigmented on agar.
Protozoa that has cilia, divide by binary fission, and rarely cause human disease.
Covers the external surface of a metazoa.
Multicellular parasite. 1mm to >1m in size. Examples are helminths/worms and arthropods.
Protozoa that is often an intracellular parasite because it has no organelle or locomotion. It divides by schizogony or sporogony.

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