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Topoisomerase I inhibitor. This drug is a type of Camptothecin.
Type of drug that blocks the disassembly of microtubules and is used to treat breast cancer.
mAB against CD52 protein
Alkyl-sulfonate drug used to treat CML.
Emetogenic effects of alkylating agents can be decreased by pretreatment with this receptor antagonist.
Alkylating-related agent that is used to treat Hodgkin's Lymphoma and is in the WHO drug essential list.
Type of drugs that has the suffix 'taxel'
Type of Alkylating Agent that is highly lipophilic, can cross the BBB, and used to treat brain tumors.
Platinum analog that has nephrotoxicity and need IV hydration so the drug can flushed out
Topoisomerase II inhibitor. This drug is a type of antitumor antibiotic. Its toxicities include cardiotoxicity and 'hand foot syndrome'
Platinum analog that causes neurotoxicity
A Purine analog that interferes with purine nucleotide synthesis and used to treat leukemia
Topoisomerase II inhibitor. This drug is a type of Epipodophyllotoxin that inhibits the M phase of the cell cyle.
A type of anthracycline that is used to treat ALL and AML.
Type of drugs that has the prefix 'vin'
Type of nitrosourea that is used to treat pancreatic cancer.
Most commonly used DNA alkylating agent that treats leukemia and lymphoma. Its toxicities include bone marrow toxicity, haemorrhagic cystitis and liver damage.
A Pyrimidine analog that inhibits Thymidylate Synthase and is used to treat colon and prostate cancer. Leucovorin potentiates its anti-cancer effect.
Inhibits Ribonucleotide Reductase (RNR)
Folate analog that inhibits DHFR and causes myelosuppression and mucositis.
Mitotic Inhibitors and Topoisomerase inhibitors inhibit what phase of the Cell cycle?
Ethyleneimine drug used to treat ovarian cancer
Bleomycin, an antitumor antibiotic, inhibits what phase of the cell cycle?
Type of drug that prevents tubulin polymerization to form microtubules.
Targets BCR-ABL oncoprotein
An antitumor antibiotic that induces DNA strand breaks by generating superoxide/hydroxide free radicals. It induces G2 arrest and its major side effect is pulmonary fibrosis.
mAB against ErbB-2/HER2/neu Receptor Tyrosine Kinase
A chimeric mAB against EGFR
Anti-Metabolites inhibit what phase of the cell cycle?
A mAB against VEGF
Platinum analog that causes myelosuppression
Type of drugs that has the suffix 'bine'
Low neutrophils during bone marrow suppression
A Guanine analog that interferes with guanine nucleotide synthesis. Its side effects include Tumor Lysis Syndrome.
During Bone Marrow suppression, this is given to increase the number of White Blood Cells.
A chimeric mAB against CD20 protein
Used to overcome the side effects of Methotrexate.

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