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Name a component of the INFERIOR pelvic aperture (Pelvic OUTLET).
The terminal branch of the internal iliac artery that directly supplies the perineum is?
_______ vesicles: secretions lower the acidity of the seminal volume
Male greater subpubic angle is ____ than the females
______ muscle: component of the pelvic diaphragm but NOT the levator ani
Root of the penis is contained in the ____ perineal pouch.
Sacral plexus nerve components.
In the male, which lobule of the prostate usually enlarges in benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)?
Branch of the internal iliac artery that usually supplies the superior portion of the bladder.
Name a segment of the male urethra.
Joint of the pelvis that has the strongest load-beading capabilities but yet is capable of gliding and rotating to some small degree
The muscles of the pelvic diaphragm is motor-innervated by?
Terminal branches of the _____ rectal artery and vein are contained in the anal columns.
What structure associated with the male reproductive tract passes between the ureter and the posterior surface of the bladder?
Ala of the ilium form the _____ walls of the FALSE pelvis.
Sensory and sympathetic innervation of the penis is most directly supplied by…?
______ gland: secretions enhance semen volume and sperm motility
The ejaculatory ducts are embedded within which structure?
The male membranous urethra is surrounded by the external urethral sphincter, which is caused to contract by ________nerves
The ______ canal is a fibrous tunnel passing anteriorally between the obturator internus muscle and the ilium
Sympathetic stimulation of the urinary bladder contributes to contraction of _______ urethral sphincter.
The structure in the female superficial perineal pouch that is homologous to the corpora spongiosum is…?
Spongy urethra is located within the ______ of the penis.
_____ rectal vein: represents portal system blood flow.
Below the pectinate line, innervation is comprised of _______ sensory pathways.
Above the pectinate line, lymph is drained directly by…?
_____ muscle: would be normally included in the posterior pelvic wall.
In both genders, the entire smooth musculature of the bladder is called the?
The transverse rectal folds are thickenings of the circular muscle in the GI wall that are directly related to what structures?
Fascial layers that is the most superficial in the perineal region?
The lumbosacral trunk is made up of fibers from which spinal segments?
Locally involved in pelvis lymph drainage
Obturator internus and fascia would be normally included in the _____ pelvic wall.
Below the pectinate line, lymph is drained directly by…?
fascial elements are contained in the shaft of the penis
Superior vesical artery directly comes off the ________ artery
A traumatized pelvic visceral organ that was NOT in contact with the peritoneum would send pain signals initially using what?
______ glands: provide muscus-like coatings for the urethra
The most direct arterial blood to the anal canal is supplied by…?
The broad ligament includes a sub-component that is specifically responsible for enclosing and positioning the ovary relative to the uterine tubes. Name this sub-component.
The superficial perineal pouch is located between Colle’s fascia and ________?
Urethral sphincter muscle in females in the _______ perineal pouch
_____ plexus: supplies motor innervation to the pelvic diaphragm
There is a dense configuration of venous plexuses around each organ that coalesce into named veins that parallel the ___ supply
Name a component of the SUPERIOR pelvic aperture (Pelvic INLET).
Normally, the anterior surface of the (non-pregnant) uterus rests on which organ?
Bulbs of the vestibule in females are in the ______ perineal pouch
_____: The most anterior part of the urinary bladder.
The fundus of the uterus is normally pulled anteriorally by what structures?
The rectum in both genders ends at what named anatomical point in the GI tract?
Name a component of the medial ischioanal fossa.
In the attachment of the pelvic diaphragm to the lateral pelvic wall, a major point of attachment would be ________ arch.
_____ urethral sphincter is usually NOT present in the female.
Proximal spongy urethra is contained within the ________ perineal pouch.
Internal urethral orifice is included in the complete _____ urinary system outflow tract.
The dorsal artery of the penis is a direct branch of what vessel?
The rectum in both genders begins at what named anatomical point in the GI tract?
Prostatic urethra is part of the ______ urinary tract.
The end of the uterine (or Fallopian) tubes where the fimbria is located is suspended by which structure?
Above the pectinate line, innervation is comprised of _______ motor pathways.

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