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Takes up RBC after 120 days
Endothelial injury, abnormal blood flow, and hypercoagulability make up________________ triad
Released by endothelial cells as anti-coagulant.
A,B,O are alleles of the same gene on a single locus on this chromosome
A or B: N-acetyl glucosamine
O allele codes for the inactive form of this enzyme
Name a granule released by platelets
Treatment monitored with APTT
A protease that cleaves fibrinogen into fibrin. Other functions include activation of endothelium to generate tPA, NO, PGI2, and PDGF mediators.
Activated by heparin and inactivates thrombin, Xa, and IXa
Most important of the plasminogen activators
Exposed when the vessel has a lesion. GPIb binds to this.
Fetal blood gets in touch with the mother's blood when this detaches.
Deficiency in GPIb results into this syndrome
Used to cover the baby's Rh+ RBC
A fetus synthesizes heme in this organ
Inhibits clotting by proteolytic cleavage of factor Va and VIIIa
Bilirubin is conjugated with glucuronic acid in this organ
Where coagulation factors are synthesized
Coagulation cascade includes 1) tissue factor 2) phospholipid complex expression 3) thrombin activation and 4)__________
Reduced heme in a linear chain and is green in color
Ratio of the patient's PT to the mean PT for a group of normal patients
20X Bilirubin levels that goes to lipid membranes and accumulate in basal ganglia result into this neurological disorder in neonates.
Treatment monitored with PT
A disease where patients are photosensitive and the most common type of error in heme synthesis.
Where does heme synthesis occur?
Neonatal jaundice has low activity of this hepatic enzyme, which reaches adult level in 4 weeks.
RBC synthesis takes how many days
A clinical sign characterized by yellow skin, sclera, and mucosa. Bilirubin is 3X above normal.
Degranulates, changes shape, and puts out 3 receptors when activated.
A presence of this protein means the person is Rh+
Process that breaks down the clot and has enzymatic activity of plasmin to break down fibrin and interfere with its polymerization
Unconjugated bilirubin is transported through the blood with this protein
Accumulation of ALA and porphobillinogen in the urine and no photosensitization characterizes this disease caused by errors in heme synthesis.
A or B: Galactose
Deficiency in this receptor results in Glanzmann thrombastenia
Intrinsic or Extrinsic: Most physiologically relevant in driving coagulation after vascular damage.

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