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Stage before Promonocyte.
CFU-GEMM gives rise to Granulocytes, Erythrocytes, Monocytes, and _________
Capsule surrounding the lymph node and thymus are made of ___________collagenous connective tissue.
Primary lymphatic organs bone marrow and ________
Regulated by IL-3, IL-9, steel factor and erythropoietin.
T cells mature in the __________ of the thymus.
Specific granules can be resolved at this stage of Granulocytopoiesis.
Stage before promyelocyte in Granulocytopoiesis.
Signature feature of the medulla of the Thymus.
Stage after Orthochromatophilic erythroblast
Subcapsular sinus, trabecular sinus, and medullary sinus are found in the medulla of this secondary lymphatic organ.
Stage before Basophilic Erythroblast.
CFU-G gives rise to ___________
Pulp in the spleen that consists of sinuses surrounded by cords of lymphocytes (cords of Billroth)
Bone marrow that is not active in hemopoiesis has an abundance of these cells
Agranulocyte that has a kidney shaped nucleus and is the largest type of leukocyte. 2-10% of WBC.
Spleen filters this type of pathogen.
Secondary lymphatic organ that does not have a cortex and medulla
Granulocyte that has dark staining granules. Granules contain heparin, histamine, and hemotactic factors similar to mast granules. 0.5-1% of WBC in the blood.
Granulocyte that has a bilobed nucleus and pink-orange staining granules. 1-5% of total WBC in the blood.
Common precursor for all types of blood cells and is identified by CD34 on its surface.
Pulp in the spleen that consists of sheath of dense T-lymphocytes surrounding a central artery (PALS).
Central artery in the white pulp branch into _________ arteries that enter the red pulp.
T cell rich area in the spleen
Lymph enters the lymph node through the _________ lymphatic vessels.
Has specific clear granules in the cytoplasm and multilobed nucleus. 60-70% of WBC.
T cell rich area in the Lymph node

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