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Who is the oldest of the Whitewing sisters?
Who are the twins leads of the Sacred Stones game?
Who is Seliph's half sister?
Who previously worked for Virion in Rosanne in Fire Emblem Awakening?
Who does Jaffar refuse to assasinate (alongside the urgings of Nino) in FE7?
Who is the younger sister of Michalis and Minerva?
The man who appears as Sirius and Zeke in multiple games is actually originally whom?
Who disguises themselves under the name of Marth in Fire Emblem Awakening?
What are the animal-like creatures who can shift forms in POR and RD called?
Laslow, Odin and Selena are actually whom in disguise?
Say'ri and Yen'fay come from which Awakening kingdom?
What are the two main kingdoms featured in Fire Emblem Fates?
How many GBA games are there in the series?
Which Fire Emblem game is being remade into Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia?
Which game was going to be the last in the series if it did not sell well?
Which unit character was DLC only in Fire Emblem Fates?
Which unit in Sacred Stones is secretly of royal Jehanna lineage?
What was the name of the Ostia spy and love interest of Matthew in FE7?
What was the default name of the tactician/avatar in FE12/New Mystery of the Emblem?
What two games feature the Tellius continent?

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