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'Im gonna insist upon you using some sort of protection, I got a dental dam in the glove compartment of my trunk, you can just grab that'
'First off Kenny Powers walks into my showroom, and then he says he wants to do a personal apperence! Its's goddamn amazing! Woo!'
'This is Kenneth a stranger I met in town, he's rolling through Mexico with the Harlem Globetrotters'
'You clearly don't understand the employer-emplolyee relationship.'
'Why is stevie naked? He's Half naked.'
'Watch it ass blood'
'My paper's lookin' real good now-a-days'
'Javier no musica!'
'I'm so glad I shaved down'
'I don't know do you get sweaty?'
'Yeah right, I'll deflect it,and then I'll cut your arms off, and then I'll cut your face before you know whats up!'
'Lord give me the strength to knock the demons out of that ball'
'I feel ten feet tall right now and strong as an ox!'
'You know what? I can cut off your titties!'
'I was expecting to see the famous mullet'
'Did you just ejaculate?'
'Its no mystery that ass has always been tits greatest enemy'
'You know I didn't even know you ho's took credit cards until recently'
'That's racism man I love true racism!'
'I hated that birdbath'
QuoteSaid By
'Last time I saw you I think I had a yeast infection'
'Alright, if you wont listen to my words, then listen to my dancing feet'
'Tits grande? For you'
'Sorry house rules no butt huggers'
'You want to come to my party?'
'Why the hell do people think just becuase we're in Mexico it's totally cool to just come in somebodys house and just wait for them unannounced!'
'Haven't you guys ever heard of Montezumas Revenge? If you guys knew how to boil meat or grill it this wouldn't be happening!'
'I just wrapped up treatment, accepted a higher power, and now im here to knock out that ninth step and make amends'
'You're kinda bright it's kinda hard to look at you'
'No for your information I have full sized balls!'
'Powers step into my office, lets do some blow'
'It's to take this party to phase two!'
'Why are you dressed like boss hogg?'
'I think you mean marbles and banana'
'I want to be by myself, by myself, by myself'
'What I need to know is, all that racist homophobic talk, that you used to be know for, has that changed at all?'
That's My Game! Dick slappin' is my game!
'Alright where do I go to pick up the bounty?'
'I wore a cape in sophmore year'
'The baby's yours'

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