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Forced Order
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Name of PaintingArtist
The Champion Single Sculls
Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Massachusetts Regiment
Lincoln Crushing the Dragon of Rebellion
The Ironworker's Noontime
New England Factory Life- Bell Time
The Agnew Clinic
The Emancipation Group, as installed in Lincoln Park, Washington, D.C.
Waking Up
Et in Arcadio Ego
A Harvest of Death, Gettysburg, July 1863
Pat Lyon at the Forge
Students at Dove Lake
Farmers Nooning
Playing Old Soldier
Art Versus the Law
The Strike
Burnside Bridge, Across Antietam Creek, Maryland
The Bounty Jumper
Pollice Verso (Thumbs Down)
The Freedman
Alabama Joe sheet music cover
Name of PaintingArtist
My Ole Home in Alabama Fo' De' War
Forever Free
David Gilmour Blythe and Isaac Browne in front of J.J. Gillespie's Gallery
Old '76 and Young '48
Defiance: Inviting a Shot Before Petersburg
The Banjo Lesson
The Night Before the Battle
A Ride for Liberty
Ivory Soap Advertisement
The Freedom Ring
A Burial Party, Cold Harbor, VA
Washington as a Farmer at Mount Vernon
Their Pride
Am I Not A Man and A Brother?
Dressing for the Carnival
Winslow Homer
Types of Mankind (physgnomic chart)
The Slave Market
Greek Slave
The Higher Law (Southern Attack on Liberty)
The Veteran In A New Field
Mexican News
Name of PaintingArtist
Prisoners From the Front
On To Liberty
Perspectival Drawing
Dat Possum Smell Pow'ful Good
Negro Life at the South (Old Kentucky Home)
The Morning Bell
Uncle Tom and Little Eva
Matthew Brady's New Photographic Gallery at Tenth Street and Broadway, New York
The Greek Slave in the Dusseldorf Academy
Killed at the Battle of Antietam
War News from Mexico
A Visit from the Old Mistress
Negro Village on a Southern Plantation
A Sharpshooter on Picket Duty
Salutat (Dextra Victrice Conclamantes Salutat)
New York from St. Paul's Steeple
Dem Was Good Ole Times
Portrait of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
The Gross Clinic

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