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Alphabet Letter and hint.Animal
A - Type of salamander, sometimes kept as a pet.
B - An obscenely ugly marine organism, residing in deep waters, and subject to a certain internet meme.
C - The largest species of rodent.
D - A member of the canine family, Aussie style.
E - Often skinned and used as some womans coat. A member of the mustelid family.
F - Airborne rodent.
G - Freaky looking reptile creature. Could potentially eat you.
H - A type of fish, but flat.
I - A bird of worship in Ancient Egypt
J - Probably the cutest thing on this list. Mice with scarily long tails residing in Asia/North Africa
K - Not the fruit.
L - Imma gonna munch on your blood...yum.
M - To kill a....
Alphabet Letter and hint.Animal
N - Like an underwater unicorn. They are the Jedi of the sea.
O - A stumpy giraffe, living in African rainforests.
P - Is it a mammal or bird? Confusing...
Q - Rhymes with wail...
R - It's like someone gave a serpent a pair of maracas.
S - Vegetables in the ocean.
T - You probably had a bunch of these festering away in a tank at school. Then when they metamorphosise, havoc breaks loose.
U - We all wish they existed.
V - A little African primate, grey in colour. Name sounds like a kind of material.
W - How much wood can you chuck?
X - Options are fairly restricted here...
Y - Think Tibet, mountains and general hairiness.
Z - Again, restricted options.

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