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Fire in the hole, when you touch me down thereFemale group, 2015
Got an automatic dick, got an automatic stick, got an automaticMale solo, 2015 (non-title song)
Wet, wet, I need an umbrella......Black out, this is what I feel likeMale solo, 2015
This mood is right, you can get in on girl. I can put you on my back seat. You know what next is back seatMale group, 2014
Oh my god, i'm so hot......Oh my god, it's so hardMale group, 2012 (non-title song)
Your panty line is finer than your smokey eyeline......I'm ready but you're not, girl, show me what you got2 idols from male group with 7 members (non-title song)
We got the flow it's break your naughty......Shinee makes love right nowMale group, 2008 (non-title song)
Deep inside, deep inside, deep inside, crazy......Touch you baby, several times. Squeeze you baby, let me feel your naughtiness. Stroke you like an arpeggio.Male solo, 2011
LyricsSongExtra info
Imma beat that pussy like you never ever felt beforeMale solo, 2014 (non-title song)
See I'm about to change positions, come and take my magic stick. Gonna take you for a ride guaranteed to make your body shakeMale solo, 2009
Feel so what. Touch that guy. Feel so tight. Day and night.Female group, 2015
Y'all get turned on by ma tongue technology......Rappers so beat I always get to fat dick 'emMale solo, 2016
Feelgood, come make me feel real good. Strap me down into my chair. I been feeling real badFemale group, 2011
Your ass will go up and your face will go down....Could be f*cking like it’s my jobMale solo, 2015
I really wanna touch myselfMale group, 2009
The f*cking dick is in your pussyBONUS, from live show, male group, 1998

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