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Can you name the the answers to these questions about The Office?

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What is Jenny not looking at and subsequently not have time for?
In what town did Finchy throw a kettle over a pub?
What does Gareth's imaginary chicken say when Tim states that you can't leave it with the grain?
What is the name of the trainer from training day?
What would David prefer individually?
If David ever needed Howard Brown's advice, what would it be about?
What wouldn't David wish on any of Neil's men?
Well I bought that, from _______
Why did Nelson get banned from Wernham-Hogg?
Can Nelson hear Neil?
What is Oliver's role in the workplace?
Can Prince Charles put it in his mouth?
Who is David's favourite actor of all time?
What can't you put a price on?
Where was Dostoyevsky exiled?
How can I kill a tiger ____________
What nationality is the sniper that may or may not have been on the roof of Debenhams?
Did it up, now it's worth ____________
What does David suggest you get a new one of?
Which canal links the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea?
Who wrote the song 19?
Who is, according to Gareth, a lovely bloke?
What colour is the dildo?
Expressed as a percentage, how many of the board voted for David to replace Jenny as UK boss?
How does Gareth describe Tim's clothes?
Camping equipment and __________
No apologies neccessary, ___________
Where did David go travelling?
What would David bloody love her to be?
Can David moonwalk?
Different what, different times?
What is Gareth's rank in the TA?
What's the name of the reject who applied for the role of David's secretary
How many voicemail messages does David get?
Where did Karen go travelling?
What does Sheila like?
What is 'in process'?
How many pints did Gareth have the night before Episode 1?
What euphemism does David use as a nickname for Tim?
What does David think about Neil's dancing?
What does Jennifer kissing everyone apparently mean?
What job does Lee suggest Dawn could get in the future?
Why is David similar to Bruce Springsteen?
What do Spiders produce?
Is what still a sport?
What wisdom does Anne give to Dawn?
Who does David impersonate during the final group photo?
Where have David and Neil met before, actually?
What is the surname of the first victim of redundancy at the Slough branch, who used to do warehousing in the warehouse?
How does Taffy describe Anne's husband?

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