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CharacteristicsGroup Name (spelling counts!)Fun facts
kingdom of oxygenic photoautotrophs using chloroplasts
found in sulfur-rich volcanic pools of hot acid
prokaryotic Domain (usually) with peptidoglycan cell wall
protists protected by theca made of cellulose
Gram-, obligate intracellular parasites
protists with small sacs just beneath the cell membrane
oxygenic photoautotrophs, largest of all bacteria
Gram +, some lack cell walls, mostly free-living
a paraphyletic group that is between domains
protists with chlorophyll as the main pigment
Gram-, chemo- or photosynthetic, important N cyclers, usually in soils
use methane (CH4) gas as food
usually asexual protists with silicate frustule for protection
unicellular protists with micro and macronuclei
protist phylum with cellulose and phycoerythrin
genus of the organism that causes malaria
protists with a life stage bearing a 'hairy' flagellum and another normal flagellum
helical or spiral cell shape, Gram-
single-celled heterotrophic protists that use pseudopodia to ingest food
unicellular protists that move by cell crawling
chemoautotrophs in hypersaline pools
prokaryotic Domain with joined phospholipid bilayers and genes that have introns
protists with cellulose cell walls and the yellow pigment phaeophytin

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