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The brother of Joseph Smith who died in 1823.
Author of the title page of the Book of Mormon.
The fourth book in the Book of Mormon.
Brigham Young's first wife.
One of the three witnesses.
One of the three witnesses.
One of the three witnesses.
1st president of the church.
2nd president of the church.
3rd president of the church.
4th president of the church.
5th president of the church.
6th president of the church.
7th president of the church.
8th president of the church.
9th president of the church.
10th president of the church.
11th president of the church.
12th president of the church.
13th president of the church.
14th president of the church.
15th president of the church.
16th president of the church.
River where the Aaronic Priesthood was restored.
In his funeral sermon it was noted that he was crushed in a well.
Author of 'The Seer.'
Author of 'Key to the Science of Theology.'
Author of 'Jesus the Christ.'
Author of 'Mormon Doctrine.'
Building in which you can hear a pin drop.
Voice of Music and the Spoken Word.
Seven lectures previously placed at the end of the Doctrine and Covenants.
Year of the revelation on the priesthood being given to all worthy men.
Year the Nauvoo Temple was completed.
Year the Book of Mormon was taken from the hill.
Year the church was organized.
Organization when there is not enough for a stake.
'Zion's Poetess.'
She prayed and immediately found her oxen.
The magazine preceding the Ensign.
Current name of the Reorganized Church
President Benson's most famous talk.
The temple built behind the Iron Curtain.
Man to whom Joseph Smith said 'Thou are the man!'
Birthplace of Joseph Smith.
First temple built outside the current United States.
Number of volumes in the Journal of Discourses
Number of copies of the Book of Mormon first published.
Number of pointers on the Liahona.
Number of recorded stops by Lehi's party while traveling.

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