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Can you name the Skylanders by Soul Gem Move?

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MoveSkylanderSoul Gem/Wow Pow
A Real DragSoul Gem (Aerial Attack!)
Lava BarfWow Pow
Target LockWow Pow
Speed DemonWow Pow
Call the Narwhal!Soul Gem (Lost City of Arkus)
Fireslam!Wow Pow
Hot RodSoul Gem (Junkyard Isles)
Shake It!Soul Gem (Wilikin Village)
Blue FlameWow Pow
Self-SlingshotSoul Gem (Time of the Giants)
Crystal LighthouseSoul Gem (Bringing Order to Kaos!)
Ding Dong DitchSoul Gem (Rumbletown)
Eagle-Air Battle GearSoul Gem (Autogyro Adventure)
Bee is for the Butt StingerSoul Gem (Cutthroat Carnival)
MegablastWow Pow
Skull BuddyWow Pow
FuturecannonWow Pow
Rolling ThunderWow Pow
Pulse PowerWow Pow
Supreme BladegearWow Pow
MoveSkylanderSoul Gem/Wow Pow
Super BabyWow Pow
You'll Shoot Your Eye OutSoul Gem (The Oracle)
Knife BlenderWow Pow
For RileyWow Pow
CloudburstingWow Pow
Auto-NutsWow Pow
Dazzling EnchantmentSoul Gem (Kaos' Kastle)
Sleigh MeWow Pow
Fists of DestructionSoul Gem (Secret Vault of Secrets)
Landmine GolfSoul Gem (Drill-X's Big Rig)
Anchor's AwayWow Pow
Triple TroubleWow Pow
Shield SkewerWow Pow
Big BoltWow Pow
Dive BurrowWow Pow
Disco BallWow Pow
Woodpecker PalSoul Gem (Molekin Mountain)
Rockslidin' OutSoul Gem (Troll Home Security)
BlowhardSoul Gem (Glacier Gully)
Lightning RainWow Pow

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