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Can you name the animated cartoons created by Nickelodeon?

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Premiere YearCartoonPlot
1991A group of super-imaginative babies explore the world around them.
1991A 6th grade boy does his best to fit into his new home of Bluffington.
1991A chihauha and a Manx cat share a home and a lot of vulgar adventures.
1993An Australian wallaby moves to America and hangs around with his friends, an overweight steer and a socially awkward turtle.
1994Three young monsters practice scaring and avoid the wrath of their teacher, the Gromble.
1995A random mish-mash of cartoons, presented as if found in a comic book.
1996A football-headed 4th grade boy in the big city grows up living with his grandparents in their boarding house.
1997Twin brothers strike out on their own, living in a self-constructed dam in the woods.
1998This cat and dog share more than just a home - they share a body.
1998A girl who talks to animals travels around the world with her family, helping wildlife friends as she goes.
1999The daily life of an absorbant, yellow and porous sea creature and his pals.
1999Four young friends try to make it big in the extreme sports scene in California.
2000A boy in a wheelchair shows that he leads an average life, just like anyone else.
2000The musings of a red-haired junior high school student and her quirky friends and family.
2001A young boy with buck teeth and a silly pink hat gains fairy godparents.
2001An alien tries to prove to his people that Earth is worth conquering, but is constantly thwarted by the one boy who knows his secret.
2002A boy finds magic chalk and discovers a world made up entirely of kids' chalk drawings.
2002A boy, his robotic dog, and his friends mess around with science.
Premiere YearCartoonPlot
2003The babies from the first clue are now in junior high school and causing just as much trouble.
2003The ninth in a series of combat robots is designed to be a high school girl.
2004A high school boy gets caught up in his father's ghost-catching device and gains the powers of a ghost.
2005The last of the Air nomads can command all four elements and must stop the invasion of the Fire Nation.
2005Three cats inherit a rich old woman's fortune and waste it all in every episode.
2005The various adventures of a family of super-spies.
2007A young Hispanic boy becomes a tiger-themed super hero.
2007Based on the popular children's book series, a school has 30 classrooms, one on each floor.
2007A young indigenous boy learns to control the magical creatures he can summon to protect his village.
2007The crazy hijinks of the animals on a not-so-average American farm.
2008A girl scout tries to become a bee-themed superhero by collecting merit badges.
2008The adventures of four aquatic avians from a popular children's movie
2009Two comic book fanboys attempt to become superheroes on their own.
2010In this spinoff of an earlier show, one of the science boy's friends ends up in space
2010Dim-witted cat and dog secret agents protect Petropolis from various villains
2011In another movie spin-off, the Dragon Warrior trains for his future destiny
2012An earlier show's elemental powers are passed to the next generation, in a very changed world.
2012Buddy comedy featuring two unique orange and purple characters living together

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