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Can you name the characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender?

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The Avatar
current Avatar, airbender 
previous Avatar, firebender 
previous Avatar, earthbender 
Avatar's companion and waterbending teacher 
Avatar's companion 
Northern Water Tribe princess 
Avatar's waterbending teacher 
Avatar's companions' father 
Avatar's companions' grandmother 
Avatar's companion and earthbending teacher 
Sokka's girlfriend, warrior of Kyoshi Island 
earthbender, his grandfather rescued from prison 
Earth King 
King of Omashu 
bandit who seeks revenge against Fire Nation 
head of the Dai-Li, Earth Kingdom's de facto ruler 
disabled boy living in Air Temple 
Fire Lord 
exiled prince, Avatar's second firebending teacher 
retired general, Fire Lord's brother, Grand Lotus 
princess, seeks 'traitors' and the Avatar 
princess' ally, exiled prince's girlfriend 
princess' ally, circus girl 
past Fire Lord, started the war 
deserter, Avatar's first firebending teacher 
Sokka's master 
Avatar's caretaker and airbending teacher 
flying bison, Avatar's animal guide 
Avatar's pet lemur 
guru, gives Avatar special instruction 

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