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Forced Order
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Name an unforgivable curseVarious
How many people originally participate in the triwizard tournament? Goblet of Fire
It is not in the nature of a dementor to be what?Prisoner of Azkaban
How many levels does the night bus have?Prisoner of Azkaban
Who plays Harry Potter?All
Who does Seamus Finnigan describe as 'one big woman'?Goblet of fire
Who finds Harry and Dudley just after the dementers are gone?Order of the Phoenix
Who is the last marauder to die?Deathly Hallows
What is the name of Voldemort's snake?Various
How many wands does Harry try before the wand that chooses him?Philosopher's stone
What house other than Gryffindor does the sorting hat mention whilst sorting Harry?Philosipher's. Stone
Who tells Harry about Thestrals?Order of the phoenix
In which Harry Potter film/book does Harry first meet Lucius Malfoy?You tell me :)
What is the name of the house elf who lives at number 12, Grimmauld Place?Order of the Phoenix
What is the name of the trouble making poltergeist who does not appear in any of the films?All books
Who disarms Dumbledore on the night of his death?Half blood prince
How many deathly Hallows are there?Deathly hallows
Where is the lost diadem of ravenclaw hidden?Deathly hallows
In which Harry potter book/film does Harry find out about horcruxes?You tell me :)
Who has a toad named trevor?Philosopher's stone

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