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.... everything that i say, stuck inside your little web, everybody wants to know yeah
I'm sorry for changing. I'm sorry it had to be this way. Believe me, it's easier just to pretend. but ...
It won't be long my darling, Pick up the phone, nobody's on it. Where are your friends now, baby? Aren't they the ones supposed to be there for
I know [4x] We gonna make it 'Cause no one else can make me feel The way that you do...
I wasn't really in love, it was just a ....
How you choose to express yourself It's all your own and I can tell it comes..
Oh, but even if I fall in love again with someone new It could never be...
All the way 101 percent Touchdown We gonna kill it Lead the pack Gon' take this town
Make some new mistakes Forget the ones I've made Cry some tears of joy Dress more like a boy.
Don't be fooled by all my tears, Cause everything is fine And you can pick up all the pieces That you left behind
I figured it out, You're all about, walking tall on the people you knock down,
Well you think you are the one who got me boy,.....I've been playing with you like a lil toy.....
How many inches in a mile What it takes to make you smile Get you not to treat me like, a child
I think we're almost legendary. You and me the perfect team Chasing down the dream
oh oh oh its ..... you know never believe its not so
Listen what I say Nothings getting in our way There's no fear that can stop us And no reason to delay
its become so hard, for me to be surprised, your bringing back the real me no judgment in your eyes

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