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Forced Order
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Jack Bauer
Doug Heffernan
Claudia Joy Holden
Patrick Jane
Niles Crane
Seth Cohen
Liz Lemon
Mary Alice Young
Gregory House
Cory Matthews
Jay Pritchett
Jeff Bingham
Naomi Clark
Eric Foreman
Derek Shepard
Jack Carter
Rachel Greene
Casey Cartwright
Brandon Walsh
Sheldon Cooper
Malcolm Reynolds
Charlie Eppes
Alison Parker
Paul Hennessy
Phoebe Halliwell
Ted Mosby
Jack Malone
Eric Taylor
Will Truman
Temperance Brennan
Addison Montgomery
Michael Scofield
Eric Camden
Dean Winchester
Alan Harper
Jules Cobb
Nancy Botwin
Nathan Scott
Sydney Bristow
Nora Walker
Liz Parker
Leland Stottlemeyer
King Henry VIII
Melinda Gordon
Elena Gilbert
Jack Shepard
Blair Waldorf
Kyle Trager
Clark Kent
Kate Beckett

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