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Forced Order
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who speaks first Romeo or Juliet
who is Romeo in love with in the begining
where is act 2 scene 2 set
how does the act 1 prolouge discribe romeo and juliet
who speakes last in the entire play
what does the nurse suggest juliet to do after tybalt's death? A. marry Paris B. Refuse to marry Parris C. Take a Strong sleeping draft making it look like she is dead then follow enter the letter
who gives juliet the 'sleeping draft'
Why does the Apothecary give romeo a Posion? A. he is scared that romeo will hurt him B. he needs the money C. he feels sorry for Romeoenter the letter
QuestionAnswerAnswer info
how does Juliet die A. Poison B. Being shot C. Stabbedenter the letter
Where is Romeo and Juliet setTown
Where does romeo go after bein banished
who tells romeo about juliet's 'death'
name the two montague servents at the brawl in act 1 scene 1
name the two Capulet servents at the brawl in act 1 scene 1
who is juliet's cousin
where do Romeo and Juliet meet

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