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Can you name the IMDb 50 Most Popular War Movies?

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2012Daniel Day-Lewis
2012Alexander Skarsgard
2012Corbin Allred
2009Brad Pitt
1993Ralph Fiennes
2006Gerard Butler
2012Alex Veadov
2011Jeremy Irvine
1998Tom Hanks
2006Ivana Baquero
1995Mel Gibson
1987Matthew Modine
1979Martin Sheen
1992Daniel Day-Lewis
1997Roberto Benigni
2002Adrien Brody
2004Bruno Ganz
1942Humphrey Bogart
2008 Jeremy Renner
2005Orlando Bloom
2011Ralph Fiennes
2001Josh Hartnett
2008Daniel Craig
2007James McAvoy
2011Christian Bale
1939Clark Gable
1964Peter Sellers
2010Channing Tatum
2004Don Cheadle
2012Cuba Gooding Jr.
2001Ben Affleck
1986Charlie Sheen
2000Mel Gibson
2008Asa Butterfield
2009Jake Gyllenhaal
2010Machael Fassbender
2003Tom Cruise
1978Robert De Niro
2008Sylvester Stallone
2008Tom Cruise
2009George Clooney
2010Caitlin Stasey
2005Jake Gyllenhaal
2001Ed Harris
1998Jim Caviezel
2003Russell Crowe
2004Clive Owen
2010Matt Damon
2003Nicole Kidman
1981Jurgen Prochnow

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