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A layer of gray unconsolidated debris derived from a few billion years of metaeoric bombardment
The dark regions on the moon resembling the seas on Earth
the light colored areas on the moon also called terrae
Hosts comets that orbit in the outer solar system beyond Neptune
one of the two group classifications for the planets, this category includes Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune
the result of collisions with massive bodies such as asteroids and comets
the velocity required to escape a planets velocity
one of the two classifications of objects in space excluding planets and moons
the eruption of magma derived from the partial melting of ice instead of silicate rocks
a loose collection of rocky material, ice, dust, and frozen gas
the escaping gases carry a dust from the comet's surface, producing a highly reflective halo called this
small bodies remaining from the formation of the solar system
the region where most asteroids orbit the sun

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