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Who is John's oldest son?
Who is John's younger son?
How old was Sam when his mother died?
What is Sam and Dean's mother's name?
What kind of car does Dean have and what year was it made?
What color is Dean's car?
What is considered the show's theme song?
How many seasons are there as of 2015?
Which two demons were both portrayed by two different actresses?
What is the name of the angel that is the Winchester's best friend?
What two characters make up the ship Destiel?
Who plays Crowley?
What two characters make up the ship Sabriel?
What four words are displayed before each season finale?
Who plays Dean?
Who plays Sam?
Who plays Castiel?
Who played Bobby Singer?
What is the name of the lead Leviathan in Season 7?
What is Dean's nickname for his car?
Who was Dean named after?
Who was Sam named after?
Who is the King of Hell?
Who was Sam the true vessel for?
Who was Michael's true vessel?
What is Supernatural known for on Tumblr?

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