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100. Pioneer environmentalist (1907-1964)
99. Modern dance pioneer (1877-1927)
98. Ruler of Halicarnassus (5th Century B.C.)
97. Leader of the modern dance movement (1894-1991)
96. Supported black activist George Jackson (1944-Present)
95. Labor activist, Zionist & politician, character in the film 'Munich' (1898-1978)
94. First woman in the world to get a medical degree (1821-1910)
93. Stream-of-consciousness writer (1874-1946)
92. Lawyer, writer, daughter of Jackie (1957-Present)
91. American anthropologist, women's rights activist (1901-1978)
90. A pioneer in social work, founded Hull-House (1860-1935)
89. Sultry Cotton Club singer, last name is a band section (1917-Present)
88. Lifetime cause: Availability of birth control (1879-1966)
87. Strategist of the women's rights movement (1815-1902)
86. Humorously documented on 20th century homemakers (1927-1996)
85. Best-known women of the Wild West (1852-1903)
84. One of three brilliant author sisters (1816-1855)
83. Journalist who helped with the downfall of Standard Oil (1857-1944)
82. Mathematician, philosopher, astronomer (The 1st Century)
81. Guided the Lewis & Clark expedition (about 1788-Unknown)
80. French novelist noted for her unconventional lifestyle (1873-1954)
79. Folk singer, sang at the Chicago 7 trial. 'Both Sides Now' (1939-Present)
78. Wife of the 2nd U.S. president & mother of the 6th (1744-1818)
77. First woman prime minister in Europe (1925-Present)
76. First American woman astronaut in space (1951-Present)
75. Best remembered for 'Wuthering Heights' (1818-1948)
74. Reigned as Pharaoh of Egypt (about 3500 years ago)
73. Biblical, asked for the head of John the Baptist (1st Century)
72. Former prime minister of India, from a prominent political family (1917-1984)
71. Fictional Character based on WWII female factory workers
70. Best known for her support of mine workers (1837-1930)
69. Queen of France & Queen of Scotland (1542-1587)
68. Rode naked on a horse on the streets of Coventry (1010-1086)
67. Anthropologist, wrote 'Their Eyes Were Watching God' (1903-1960)
66. African American poet, influenced by the black power movement (1943-Present)
65. Impressionist painter (1844-1926)
64. Author of 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking' (1912-2004)
63. Journalist/Talk show host specializing in interviews (1931-Present)
62. Known for her paintings of flowers (1887-1986)
61. Sharpshooter in the 'Wild West Show', subject of the musical (1860-1926)
60. Novelist who documented the settling of the pioneers (1873-1947)
59. Exotic dancer who found fame in Paris (1906-1975)
58. First female U.S. Attorney General under Clinton (1938-Present)
57. Published her 'Etiquette' book in 1922 (1872-1960)
56. She ruled with her husband Ferdinand in Spain (1451-1504)
55. Her teaching method is popular today...think private school for toddler catholics (1870-1952)
54. Film actress, won 4 Oscars (1907-2003)
53. Her book 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' stirred up anti-slavery sentiments (1911-1896)
52. Ancient Greece's best known female poet, lived on the isle of Lesbos (610-580 B.C.)
51. Abolitionist, preacher & spokeperson for women's rights, last name: opposite of Lie! (1797-1883)
50. Ruler of Russia after she had her husband deposed. She was 'Great' (1729-1796)
49. Wrote the novel 'Frankenstein' (1797-1851)
48. Primatologist & chimpanzee researcher (1934-Present)
47. One of the best-known fashion designers, current logo: 'C & a reverse C' (1883-1971)
46. Her diaries, published at 60 discuss her lovers & self-discovery quest (1903-1977)
45. Novelist, journalist; niece of Chile's president, wrote 'Daughters of Fortune' (1942-Present)
44. First black woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature & is 'Beloved'(1931-Present)
43. Made the first American flag (1752-1836)
42. Queen Consort to Louis XVI of France and liked cake (1755-1793)
41. Fashionable & graceful wife of JFK (1929-1994)
40. One of history's most infamous spies, executed by the French (1876-1917)
39. Colonial woman, America's first published female poet (1612-1672)
38. Author of 'Little Women'
37. Southern writer & winner of the 1969 Pulitzer (1909-2001)
36. Name given in several stories about women who fought in the American Revolution
35. Part of the 60s folk revival, toured with Dylan (1941-Present)
34. Actress who married Juan Peron, subject of a musical (1919-1952)
33. Allegedly, 'took an axe, and gave her mother forty whacks' (1860-1947)
32. Most successful U.S. figure skater, gold or no gold (1980-Present)
31. Troubled jazz singer known as 'Lady Day' (1915-1959)
30. Author who inspired the film 'The Hours' (1882-1941)
29. Author of 'The Color Purple' (1944-Present)
28. Mother of objectivism, Author of 'Atlas Shrugged' (1905-1982)
27. Pioneering nurse in the Civil War (1821-1912)
26. Film Actress, Hanoi Jane (1937-Present)
25. FDR's 'eyes & ears' when he could not travel freely (1884-1962)
24. Key spokesperson for women's suffrage, US coin named for her (1820-1906)
23. Longest-ruling monarch of Great Britain, an era is named for her (1819-1901)
22. 2 Queens of England: 1. Boelyn's daughter & 2. Current queen (1558-1603 & 1952-Present)
21. Invented modern nursing & brought sanitary conditions to soldiers (1820-1910)
20. 'Indian princess' key to the survival of the early English settlement (1595-1617)
19. Lost pioneer aviator (1897-1937)
18. 1st famous female scientist in the modern world (1867-1934)
17. Child actress and later US ambassador (1928-Present)
16. 'Love'd TV Icon/first woman to own a TV studio (1911-1989)
15. Only presidential candidate to have previously lived in The White House (1947-Present)
14. Deaf & blind, taught by Annie Sullivan (1880-1968)
13. Known for her refusal to sit at the back of a bus (1913-2005)
12. Author of 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings' (1928-Present)
11. Underground Railroad conductor (about 1820-1913)
10. Painter who reflected Mexican folk culture (1907-1954)
09. Nun, work in Calcutta earned her a Nobel Peace Prize (1910-1997)
08. Talk show host, business person, philanthropist (1954-Present)
07. Burned at the stake in France (1412-1431)
06. Reclusive poet, published mostly after her death (1830-1886)
05. U.K. & 'The People's' Princess (1961-1997)
04. Jewish girl who kept a diary while hiding from the Nazis (1929-1945)
03. Last Pharaoh of Egypt, had liaisons w/ Caesar & Antony (69-30 B.C.)
02. Blonde bombshell, 1950's & 1960's (1926-1962)
01. 2 possiblities for high web searches...Biblical mom OR current pop icon (the latter 1958-Present)

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