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Can you name the Top 25 Films of All Time by Worldwide Boxoffice Gross (as of Dec. 30th)?

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2010 (Sigourney Weaver)
1997 (Kathy Bates
2003 (Sean Astin)
2006 (Bill Nighy)
2010 (Tim Allen*)
2010 (Helena Bodham Carter)
2008 (Maggie Gyllenhaal)
2001 (Alan Rickman)
2007 (Orlando Bloom)
2007 (Ralph Fiennes)
2009 (Jim Broadbent)
1999 (Liam Neeson)
2003 (Cate Blancett)
1993 (Richard Attenborough)
2004 (Eddie Murphy*)
2005 (Robert Pattinson)
2009 (Queen Latifah*)
2007 (James Franco)
2002 (Julie Walters)
2001 (Ian McKellan)
2003 (Ellen Degeneres*)
2005 (Natalie Portman)
2009 (Megan Fox)
2002 (Kirsten Dunst)
1996 (Bill Pullman)

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