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'She's a lovely hostess'
American Idol 
'The Children of the Corn'
New York Minute 
'She picked our President, we can pretend we voted, but she picked him'
Color Purple 
'She's the black Bea Arthur and that's all there is to it'
'I Try' 
'She's a cross between a horse and a tarantula, she's a horseantula' (refering to her walk)
'She's the white Whitney Houston, she'll cut you'
'...or as I like to call her, Cracky'
Preacher's Wife 
'...back when she was with Ethan Hawke and his bad teeth and everyone was happy'
Kill Bill 
'She's lost a lot of weight recently due to diet, pilates and crack'
'Remember when she did her hepatitis tour'
'She's oozing sexuality, she's our new Tippi Hedrin'
Mrs. Chris Martin 
'All I know about her is that she has huge juggs and is friends with Barbra Streisand'
'He's now just wearing a hooker wig'
Tutti Frutti 
'How long has she lived here? Still can't speak english!'
'Trimspa is now about 80% heroin'
Howard K. Stern 
'She's our new Liza'
'Look, I don't know what she's on, I'm not a pharmacist'
'Rush, Rush' 
'It's weird that adopting a kid from Africa made her more British than ever'
Swept Away 
'I do imply in my comedy that he is the gayest man in the free world'
'Every time she wears her white leather jumpsuit, she gets a yeast infection'
'She is the kind of batsh*** crazy you can only keep a lid on so long'
'She'll move in that White House, caulk the tub, train the dog, flip it, sell it to the Chinese for a profit'
Money Book 
'Remember her ice cream and rainbows breakdown?'
'She's the white Oprah...she's little but she's scrappy like those midgets on Little People, Big World'
Palin Interview 
'I learned why the caged bird sings, to drowned out her voice'

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