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Can you fill in all the spaces with Defense Against The Dark Arts professors and subject matter? (see How To for gameplay and hints)

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The creature whose blood I drank
A book
A winged creature

A stuttering professor
An author
3 creatures with multiple limbs.

An autobiography
Electric blue creatures
The disarming spell
The accused and actual monsters of the Chamber of Secrets

A professor
2 creatures

Creatures released by a buffoon
The buffoon’s book
You-know-who’s host
A hinkypunk and a grindylow

A creature who prefers females
2 professors
A book
2 creatures you wouldn’t want to kiss
2 creatures from Lupin’s final exam
A creature I fear above all others
A Snape impersonator
A book and its author
A fairy-like creature
A creature with strong, thin fingers
A soul stealer
Harry’s favorite spell

A spell
A professor
3 creatures

1 professor
4 creatures
A marsh misguider
A horned horse
A creature not stopped by peski pesternomi
A giant spider
A spell powered by happy memories and the creature it repels
A moon fearing professor
A moon loving creature

Slytherin and Hagrid’s “pets”
Fleur’s downfall
2 spells
A Marauder
2 creatures taught during a first lesson of the year

A cloaked creatures
The product of a chicken egg hatched beneath a toad
A fanged creature
2 spells

2 hired professors
1 secret teacher
2 creatures
2 water dwellers
My affliction
The creatures my friend escaped
A spell and student I taught privately
A professor who never taught
A professor who gave out lines

3 creatures
1 spell
1 witch
3 wizards

Azkaban’s guards and the spell to fight them
A desk drawer dweller
2 former prisoners

A hated professor
A beloved professor and what he becomes by moonlight
A book
An unforgivable curse
An auror
A child
A professor and his kind (who should never have been hired)
A spell that takes the form of a cat for me
The book I use
2 unforgivables

3 unforgivable curses
2 spells to fight creatures
2 professors
1 fraud

1 professor
4 spells

An unforgivable and the only living person to survive it
2 professors
The subject of a year-long quest
A one eyed wizard
A textbook
A prince
Hogwart’s High Inquisitor
A horrible object and the only person known to have been one
A reanimated body

3 Death Eaters
2 Ministry workers
2 spells
1 creature that lurks beneath the surface of a lake

A prisoner and his jailor
A brother
A spell
Something that is not the imprint of the departed

A book
A spell
A headmaster
Regulus’s downfall
Dumbledore’s downfall
A pain curse
A soul piece
A theoretical book

3 Unforgivables
2 Death Eaters

2 spells and a creature that rhymes with one of them
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