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He murdered his father, Jyscal Guado.
Fira, Bio, and Flare spells are categorized as:
Yuna's first guardian of the Ronso tribe:
Who is Sin?
Only Rikku, Wakka, and ________ can fight underwater.
Use these feathery friends to travel far distances quickly.
AP allow characters to advance through the:
Heavenly Strike and Diamond Dust are commands of:l
Wakka earns Auorch Reels by playing:
Characters charge this gauge for special attacks.
This character's celestial weapon is the Onion Knight:
Fryd myhkiyka tuac Neggi cbayg?
After defeating Belgemine at the Remiem Temple in the Calm Lands, Yuna receives this trio:
People visit this place in Guadosalam, to visit their loved ones who have passed.
An antidote removes this status that drains HP.
Which spell removes unwanted status effects?
This Blitzer is no match for flying fiends.
What type of sphere activates MP, Magic, and Magic Defense nodes?
Yuna visits Temples of the ______ along her pilgrimage.
Defeating Sin brings a period known as:

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