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Can you name the words from clues that are all the letters in EARTH jumbled up with the new sixth letter?

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HintEARTH + 1+
This woman deserves your 'Respect'+A
The air taken in or expelled from the lungs+B
One who swims or soaks in the sun+B
Intense ill will+D
An inadequate supply+D
Accurate quarterbacks often _______ the needle+D
Can precede Christmas, Figure, and Time+F
Leader of Terminus on 'The Walking Dead'+G
The floor of a fireplace+H
The Goblin King+J
HintEARTH + 1+
A shirt with its straps tied behind the neck+L
Foam or froth made by soap+L
Capital of Iran, or a place to read 'Lolita'+N
An adverb used to indicate one's preference+R
Taylor Swift shakes them off+S
The Patty associated with Stockholm Syndrome+S
He became 'mad' from mercury poisoning+T
A statement to harm, sometimes empty+T
An arrangement of flowers on a circular base+W
Another way to describe a fulfilling meal+Y

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