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What is the capital city of Lithuania?
Who were the first married couple to be shown together in bed on American television?
Who enjoyed success in the charts during the 1980's, backed by the vocals of The News?
Only one British Prime Minister has ever been assassinated - can you name him?
What breed of dog is super sleuth Scooby Doo?
The film 'My Left Foot' is about the life of whom?
On what day annually does Bastille Day fall?
Who are the English rock band whose hits include 'Parklife', 'Song 2' and 'Girls and Boys'?
Who is the actor, who passed away in 2016, that portrayed Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series of films?
Mojang are most commonly associated with which adventure video game?
Who plays the titular character in the film 'Michael Collins'?
The comical American Bay of Pigs invasion was of which nation?
Imre Nagy served as leader of which formerly Communist nation during a 1956 uprising?
What does DNA stand for?
Who was the American President that proposed the unsuccessful League of Nations movement?
Which Irish county is associated with its crystal products?
Whose hits include 'I Feel Good' and 'Get Up Offa That Thing'?
Teal is a variety of which common colour?
Which of the following is a real creature - nurse, doctor or surgeon shark?
What is the world record for 100m held by Usain Bolt?
Who succeeds Hamlet's father as King of Denmark in the William Shakespeare play?
How many Wimbledon titles has Andy Murray won?
What is the capital city of Uruguay?
With which American city would you associate the Dolphins football team?
According to the proverb, 'A stitch in time...'
What does the Irish proverb, 'Ar muin na muice' mean?
With which football league team did Brian Clough win two European Cups?
Joe Pesci stars as hopeful but bumbling lawyer Vinny Gambini in what film?
What animal would you associate with the commercials for website CompareTheMarket.com?
Who did John F. Kennedy beat in the 1960 Presidential election?
At which sport did Steve Davis enjoy momentous success?
Lawrence Tureaud is the real name of which tough guy character, famous on both the big and small screen?
Mg is the chemical symbol for what element?
In which coastal English city might you find Pleasure Beach?
'Disturbia', 'Shut Up and Drive' and 'Only Girl in the World' are among the hits of which highly successful 21st century artist?
Who wrote and starred in the comedy 'Everybody Loves Raymond' as the titular character?
Deng Xiaoping was leader of which Asian country from 1978 to 1989?
Which nation's flag depicts the sisserou parrot upon it?
Steven Rogers is the real name of which superhero?
Who composed the piece 'Moonlight Sonata'?
What number is depicted on the 'magic predictor balls'?
What fast food chain's slogan is, 'Eat Fresh'?
What is the former name for the city of Istanbul?
The Philadelphia 76ers play which sport?
How many, 'Red Balloons' did Nena sing about?
Whose poems include 'Ode to a Nightingale', 'When I Have Fears that I may Cease to Be' and 'La Bella Dame Sans Merci'?
Which Disney Pixar film was the most successful at the box office, raking in over 1 billion dollars?
The 1929 Lateran Treaty, signed by Benito Mussolini, led directly to the creation of which independent state?
How many different colours appear in the Google logo?
Which legendary actors last words were “I should have never switched from Scotch to Martinis'?

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