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Can you name the Words and phrases with a double 'M'?

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Milk producing gland
Short-wave radiation
E.g. bullets
Person in charge
Teenage drama starring Jesse Mccartney: ''
Red Dwarf hologram
Shaggy pachyderm
Richard Rodgers & ...
E.g. World of Warcraft
ABBA musical
German dance metal band
Traditional Irish St. Patrick's day meat
Wedging or being wedged
Greek dip
French for 'potato'
Karl Marx's brainchild
Classic British Summer drink
Just below boiling point
To call/ To cast an aeon in final fantasy
A popular card game
'Black-chinned' and 'Ruby-necked' are amongst the breeds of this 'hovering' animal species
NH3 is its name for those in the know
The 'figure of 8' movement of our sun...(this one will test you!)
Of or pertaining to money
To shine with weak light, often by reflection
An exclamation of gastronomic delight
What the best roast dinner is served with all of
The finishing of a garment usually involves this (a.k.a a folded-sew)
You may need to lie in one after completing this quiz
The study of the bodie's bacterial and viral defences

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