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QUIZ: Can you name the words the 'B' acronyms below stand for?

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A. C.apital R.emoves O.verkill, N.ot Y.our M.eaning
B.ACollege degree
B.K.Have it your way
B.O.This may emanate from sweaty folks
B.P. Paid the largest fine in U.S. history
B.V.Canadian blended whisky
B&WBefore it was a photo filter option, it was the only option
B&BType of accomodation
B&ECrime a burglar may commit
B.B.B.Consumer complaint department
B.B.C.Documentary kings
B.F.G.Roald Dahl's creation
B.I.A.Reservation police
B.L.M.Administers 264 million acres
B.M.I.Normal is 19-24
B.F.F.Matching necklace sets declaring ownership of a person
B.R.B. If the Terminator had texted his famous line
B.E.T.An opposite equivalent may be considered discrimination
B.B.W.Euphemism for an obese woman labeled 'attractive'
B.T.K.Modus operandi of a Kansas serial killer
B.T.W.A texting segway to related information or reminder
B.C.E.The politically correct alternative to #2
B.P.M.Blood pressure machines often include this measurement
B.T.U.Replaced by the joule
B.A.C.'There's no blood in my alcohol stream, officer'
B.L.T.The biggest rip off in the sandwich world
B.P.O.E.One of the animal frats
B.Y.O.B.If you want to drink at this event...
B.I.O.S.Briefly flashes on your startup screen
B.N.S.F.Second largest freighter behind Union Pacific
B.O.G.O.A sales gimmick to 'payless'

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