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Can you name the words the 'A' acronyms below stand for?

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A. C.apital R.emoves O.verkill, N.ot Y.our M.eaning
A.A.12 steps
A.C.For summer
A.D.Latin - 'In the year of our Lord'
A.I.Robot communication
A.M. Latin for before midday
A.P.Where the news gets its news
A.V.Stimulates 2/5 senses
A.B.C.Like the gum under your seat
A.A.A.Driver Discounts!
A.C.T. That, or take the S.A.T
A.D.A.Say Ahhh!!!
A.B.S.Passive winter ability
A.D.D.Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta
A.F.C.Face off against the NFC in Feb
A.I.G.Insurance company that ensured it was bailed out
A.F.V.Vote for the most painful submission, hear someone voice over tapes with bad jokes. And no, it's not Full House (TV)
A.T.V.Outdoor explorer
A.K.A.An alias
A.M.A.A club for doctors
A.M.A.A club for certain motorists
A.M.A.A form #18 would make members of #19 sign before checkout
A.M.C.Watch this if you like Sinatra, Gene or Hepburn
A.T.T.US company that thought Carrot Top was a good spokesman
A.K.C.In charge of validating things like cockapoos and labradoodles
A.T.F.Federal anti fun agency
A.P.B.Calling all cars!
A.P.R.Banks and credit companies use this
A.T.M.Why do drive-up ones have braille?
A.W.D.2 more than 2WD
A.A.R.P.Discounts, advocacy and the most widely distributed magazine
A.C.L.U.League of lawyers that usually work pro bono on specific types of cases
A.S.P.C.A.Way sadder commercials than 3rd world countries

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