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Can you name the bones of the human body?

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covers your foreheadx1
most of the top of your head are these bonesx2
supports the templex2
vertebral column goes through thisx1
resembles a butterfly or bat; it actually has wings!x1
right where your nasal cavity and brain meetx1
the upper jawx2
roof of your mouthx2
makes up the bridge of your nosex2
smallest and most fragile facial bonex2
lined with the mucus in the nosex2
involved with pheromone sensingx1
'hammer' in the middle earx2
'anvil' in the middle earx2
'stirrup' in the middle earx2
only bone that doesn't attach to another bone; often breaks during strangulationx1
'shoulder blade'x2
'collar bone'x2
three fused bones in your chestx1
my favorite is baby back stylex24
bones in which the 'atlas' and 'axis' are a part of; functions in moving your headx7
the most posterior bones in your chestx12
largest of the movable bones that support the spinal cordx5
biceps, triceps, pecs, lats, delts all connect herex2
the rotating bone in your forearmx2
the stationary bone in your forearmx2
carpal bone that looks like a boatx2
carpal bone that looks like a crescent moonx2
also known as the pyramidal or triangular bonex2
smallest of the carpal bonesx2
name means 'like an irregular quadrilateral'x2
another name for an irregular quadrilateralx2
largest of the carpal bonesx2
carpal bone with a 'hook'x2
palm bonesx10
finger/toe bone starting at the knucklex20
finger/toe bone that is missing in your thumbx16
tips of the fingers/toesx20
five vertebrae bones that are fused in adultsx1
made of the ischium, ilium, and pubisx2
longest bone in the human bodyx2
largest seasmoid bone; 'kneecap'x2
'shinbone' or 'shankbone'x2
'heel bone'; largest of the tarsalsx2
'ankle bone'; connects with both bones of the calfx2
is the cause of a horse disease that bears its namex2
first of three tarsals with the same namex2
second of three tarsals with the same namex2
third of three tarsals with the same namex2
name means 'like a 3D square'x2
foot bonesx10

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