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Can you name the F.R.I.E.N.D.S trivia from a-z?

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A. What Rachel hurts when she falls off the balcony.
B. Name of Ross' son.
C. Type of farmbird Joey gets Chandler.
D. Real name of the yeti.
E. Name of Ross and Rachel's daughter.
F. Name of Phoebe's half-brother.
G. Everyone thinks Chandler is what in season 1 of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
H. Name Chandler's father calls himself at his gay drag show.
I. Name of celebrity Ross took off his list.
J. Name of man Rachel likes and serves at Bloomingdales.
K. Name of Chandler's roommate before Joey.
L. Name of Phoebe's mother.
M. Chandler's middle name.
N. Name of Chandler's mother.
O. Barry's job.
P. Name of Monica's rich ex-boyfriend.
Q. Rachel wants 2 of her lady's from work to ____ smoking.
R. Name of Monica's older ex-boyfriend.
S. Name of Carol's lesbian life partner.
T. Name of the landlord in the block of apartments Chandler/Monica stay in. Mr. _______.
U. Name of Phoebe's twin sister.
V. Name of Chandler's father's gay drag show.
W. Carol's last name.
X. The _____ girl is the girl Ross had a break with.
Y. Where Chandler said he is moving to get rid of Janice.
Z. Last name of man who interviewed Rachel at Ralph Lauren.

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