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'You see, ________ has just become the world's first time traveller.'
Dr. Emmett Brown to Marty McFly 
'Damn, where is that ___!?'
Dr. Emmett Brown 
'Yes. I'm George, George McFly. I'm your _______!'
George McFly to Lorraine Baines 
'Well you're forgetting one thing. ____ ___ ____ __ ____!?'
Marty McFly to Biff Tannen 
'So what's it to you, butthead. You know you've been _______ for a fight!'
Biff Tannen to Marty McFly 
'Hey, look at _______ hand. He can't play with his hand like that.'
A Starlighter to Marty McFly 
'Wait a minute, Doc. Are you _______ me that it's 8.25!'
Marty McFly to Dr. Emmett Brown 
'Get your ____ _____ off of me!'
Lorraine Baines to Biff Tannen 
'Stella! Another one of these damn ____ got in front of my car!'
Sam Baines to Stella Baines 
'I'll see you all later. ____ later.'
Marty McFly to Baines family 
'What do you mean you've ____ this one. It's brand new.'
Milton Baines to Marty McFly 
'That is your name isn't it. Calvin Klein. It's written all over your _________.'
Lorraine Baines to Marty McFly 
'That's Strickland. Jesus, didn't that guy ever have ____?'
Marty McFly to Dr. Emmett Brown 
'Marty. Why are you so _______?'
Lorraine Baines to Marty McFly 
'Doc, you left your _________ on all week.'
Marty McFly to Dr. Emmett Brown 
'Biff, stop it! You'll _____ his arm.'
Lorraine Baines to Biff Tannen 
Singing: 'Way down in _________, down in New Orleans.'
Marty McFly 
'Um, Marty. I hope you don't mind but ______ asked if he could take me home.'
Lorraine Baines to Marty McFly 
'I guess you guys aren't _____ for that yet. But you're kids are gonna love it.'
Marty McFly to crowd 
'Hey check out this guy's ____ _________.'
Skinhead (Thug) to Biff Tannen 
'I'm gonna ___ him into that manure truck.'
Biff Tannen to his gang 

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