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Forced Order
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'Are you coming out here, Eastwood? Or ain't you got the ________?'
Buford Tannen to Marty McFly 
'Shot in the back by Buford Tannen. Over a matter of __ dollars, September 7th.'
Doc Brown 
'Oh. Her _____ Miss Clayton, Clara Clayton.'
Hubert the Mayor to Doc Brown 
'Hi ho ______.'
Marty McFly 
'Howdy ______ time?'
Doc Brown 
'_______ up, jerk.'
Marty McFly to Buford Tannen 
'Mighty strong words ____. You man enough to back 'em up with more than just a pie plate!?'
Buford Tannen to Marty McFly 
'Hey, _______. Haha.'
Marty McFly to Maggie and Seamus McFly 
'My _____ broke down, the bear ate my boots and I guess I just forgot my hat.'
Marty McFly to Seamus Mcfly 
'*hit. The _______!'
Marty McFly 
'Would you like some _____?'
Maggie McFly to Marty McFly 
'These are my own version of ______ logs.'
Doc Brown to Marty McFly 
'Thankyou for fixing my _________.'
Clara Clayton to Doc Brown 
'Where'd you learn to _____ like that?'
Gun Salesman to Marty McFly 
'The Doc can _____?'
Marty McFly 
'In here we pour _______.'
Chester the Bartender to Marty McFly 
'Would you take a look and see what just _______ in the door.'
Man at the Bar #2 to Man at the Bar #1 
'Joey. Let's make some ____ __ juice.'
Chester the Bartender to Joey the Bartender 
'Right. And take care of that ____!'
Marty McFly to Seamus McFly 
'First McFly born in America. And you ____ on me.'
Marty McFly to William McFly 
'I'll help you find you're __________ friend.'
Seamus McFly to Marty McFly 

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